Detox Plan – Day 5


Day 5 of 5 day detox plan – ‘The Truth’

Day 5 and almost there!!

So the final day is here and I wake up feeling really fresh and ready to go. 

Same routine. I’m sure you all know it by now. Go downstairs, get my ‘meals’ out for the day, have a hot water lemon drink and down the Ginger shot.

Today’s Food

There are 3 purple bottles and one green one. The first bottle at 10 am is named ‘Crimson tide’ and it wasn’t bad, tasting of berries but not very sweet.

The 1pm bottle was the green one named ‘The Meal,’ I had this yesterday and remembered it wasn’t too bad. That was yesterday! – Today’s didn’t taste quite as good as yesterday’s and had one or two lumps thrown in for good measure. I gulped it down, disappointed that it was not fruity and refreshing. Anyway I knew the 4pm juice was my favourite ‘ Banana berry crunch’ and I wasn’t disappointed. I sipped that juice like it was ‘hot tea’ making every mouthful last. Almost there I thought to myself, surely the last one will taste good to finish the programme off.

7pm arrives and I am beginning to feel peckish as thoughts are wandering to our occasional Friday treat,  of fish ’n’ chips ( and no we don’t have it every week….honest). The last bottle ‘my tea’ and thoughts start running through my head of bacon butties in the morning, naughty I know! The bottle is named ‘blue lagoon’ and it smell like blueberries. It tastes very refreshing and I’m assuming is mainly made up of blueberries. All gone and that’s me all detoxed out until tomorrow morning. Happy days!

Summary of the 5 day detox plan

My reasons for doing the 5 day detox was one of curiosity to see the results for myself and to find out if you really do feel energised and healthy at the end of it. Also to lose my christmas tum – I hardly ever weigh myself, as I know when I have put weight on, and yes over the festive period my weight had increased (slightly). 

I can confirm that yes I have lost my christmas tum and now have my 6 pack back. LOL ( I wish). I have had no problems with ‘trumping’ or visits to the loo, although I haven’t been as regular. My sleep pattern has improved and the last two mornings I have woken up feeling fresh as a daisy. Apart from Tuesday’s juices,  the juices have not been too bad with Wednesday’s being the best. I have not really suffered from hunger pains but must admit to thinking about eating a nice meal, like shepherds pie and gravy, which was most cruel of my family to eat in front of me on the first night. I have also had other temptations thrust in front of me, like the chocolates Abby likes to pass round before saying with a snigger ‘oops sorry dad, forgot you can’t have one hee hee’.


The first two days I really missed my routine of cornflakes and a cup of tea, but as the week passed by I just learned to accept that this wasn’t going to happen. Again I have missed my cups of tea during the day and evening but gradually got used to drinking water instead. I do believe that what we eat and drink on a daily basis forms a habit and when you break the habit,it feels strange, it really is all in your head. 

During the 5 day programme you become a slave to it’s rules and this made me feel restricted in that fact that I had to stick to a regime and that it was always in the back of your mind. A bit like your boss pecking your ear, telling you what you can and can’t do. You do need willpower, to stay strong, get the horrible juices down and resist temptation.

I would recommend doing a detox and I’m sure I will do it again at some stage. I would say it is worth it just for the experience, but you have to get your mind right in the first place and see it through, otherwise what’s the point. Now that my body has been cleansed so to speak, I am going to try and carry on drinking water instead of tea and also look at my diet and maybe cut down on bread and pastry. All the good stuff I know!!!

All that you have read has been completely honest, I just wanted to let people know how my detox experience unfolded so that you would have an insight on what to expect should you decide to try it. Good luck if you do.

Many thanks for reading the blog and look out for more blogs in the future.




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