Detox Plan – Day 4


Day 4 of 5 day detox plan – ‘The Truth’

Day 4 and it feels like Groundhog Day !!

Nothing too exciting to report I’m afraid. I went to bed last night feeling good and had a good nights sleep. Woke up this morning feeling fresh, went downstairs and prepared my ‘meals’ for the day. A mixture of green and purple bottles await me, fingers crossed they are as good as yesterday.

As usual I make my hot lemon water drink and follow this with my ginger shot.

I don’t really think about cornflakes and tea, probably because my brain knows there’s no point. 

Today’s food.

10am arrives and although I’m not hungry I am ready for something. Please be a good one. A green bottle, labelled ‘sweet and smooth’. Sounds promising I thought to myself. I took the first sip, yuk – I was wrong!  It was far from sweet and not that smooth either. It wasn’t as bad as Tuesday’s juices and I gulped it down, quickly followed by my water juice. Oh well better luck next time. 

1pm soon arrived and yet another green bottle labelled ‘the meal’. I looked at it and ‘laughed out loud’, it was hardly fish and chips!  I took a mouthful and was pleasantly surprised, it wasn’t too bad, not good, but better than the first one. 

4pm came and now I had a purple bottle before me named ‘beyond the detox’ (if only I thought to myself), I had given up hope of a good juice today and after my first gulp I was right! It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t good either, a case of gulp it down and move on.

7pm and I am now feeling slightly hungry, with lots of christmas chocolates still scattered all over the house screaming at me to eat them, I resist and take the top off the purple bottle marked ‘Super Detox’. I smell it first and it smells quite nice. The first sip confirms the sweet aroma as the taste of berries hits my mouth. I drink it slowly, making it last and I’m happy to be ending the day with a refreshing juice.

All gone

So to summarise day 4. The juices were average at best, apart from the last one, but I feel really good and positive. I am not particularly hungry but the thought of eating something delicious keeps popping into my head. My craving for a cup of tea is not as strong now, but you do feel like a slave to the programme. (Obviously you are)

I have had no real troubles with wind, just the odd breeze and yes I have had a second visit to the loo and again all perfectly normal, apart from the colour, but I’m sure you don’t want the details.

Last day tomorrow and I’m hoping the juices will taste like Wednesday’s to finish off on a high. Check in tomorrow night for the last review and my summary of the whole experience.




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