Detox Plan – Day 3


Day 3 of 5 day detox plan – ‘The Truth’

Day 3 and boy what a difference a day makes!

After a rough time on day 2 and going to bed early, I awoke for day 3 feeling much better. My headache had gone and I felt ready for the day ahead. 

Once again I got my juices out for the day and hoped and prayed that they would taste better than yesterday. Please god! 

I made my hot lemon drink and then had my ginger shot, I was still missing my cornflakes and cup of tea but not quite as much, as I knew I wouldn’t be having them.

Perhaps it really is all in the mind?  By 10am I was getting ready to eat something (chance would be a fine thing). I took my first bottle out of the box and it was purple. I dared to hope it wouldn’t taste like yesterdays purple bottle and noticed it was labelled ‘Berry banana crunch’ so there was a chance it would be good. I took the lid off the bottle raised it to my mouth and took a sip –  Hallelujah!

I cannot tell you enough just how good that first taste in my mouth was, it was absolutely delicious. I did not empty this bottle in 3 gulps, oh no!  I savoured every last drop taking little sips and squeezing every ounce of flavour down my throat. It was heaven!  Especially after yesterdays horrible tasting juice.  I even put a small amount of cold water into the empty bottle and shook it up, so I could get the very last bit of juice out!  Now I was buzzing and looking forward to my ‘dinner’ at 1pm.

My headaches had gone and I felt good!

1pm arrived and I took bottle number 2 out, this time it was green with the label reading, ‘Green Refresher’. I opened the bottle fearing the worst as yesterdays green bottles were horrible, I sniffed the bottle hoping it would not smell like yesterdays.  It didn’t – thank god, I took a sip, and thanked the lord!  It was as described on the bottle, refreshing. I now relaxed, as I knew the 4pm bottle was another ‘Green Refresher’ and my tea, so to speak, at 7pm, was another ‘Berry Banana crunch’ –  Something to look forward to!

When 7pm arrived I must admit I was beginning to feel peckish and was really glad it was going to be tasty. I opened the lid, sipped and savoured every last drop, a bit like a child finishing of their smarties one by one. 

I have missed not having a cup of tea but you do start to wonder is that just habit? My mind is also wandering and thinking about food now and again. Although it doesn’t help when you open the fridge door and there is ham and sausage rolls staring at you!

So to sum up today I have to say it has been a good day and that first juice was out of this world. I have felt pretty good today with no headaches. I have not been to the loo again yet and there is only a mild breeze down below if you know what I mean. I hope tomorrow will be as good as today.

Anyway until tomorrow night – sleep tight.





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