Detox Plan – Day 2


Day 2 of 5 day detox plan – ‘The Truth’

Day 2 and a massive reality check!

About half an hour after posting last nights blog saying what a good day I’d had with no side effects, I started to get a headache as predicted by the ‘Fruit Crafters’ team. This became gradually worse until I retired to bed for some rest and relief. After a decent nights sleep I awoke but unfortunately still had my headache. I went downstairs to view my days detox plan and at first glance it showed some promise with two of the bottles being purple, a more fruity flavour I hoped to myself.



Once again the day started with a hot lemon boiled in water and a ginger shot. I packed the other 4 bottles in a box and would follow their times for digestion later. My head was still banging and I felt tired and weary.

By 10am I felt no better and hoped the first bottle of the day ‘veggie power’ would perk me up. It was a thick green colour and looked disgusting!

I wasn’t wrong, it tasted horrible, so I just downed it in three gulps. Ugh!

By 1pm I did feel slightly better to be fair and was actually looking forward to the purple bottle of juice labeled ‘Ruby Tuesday’ as it looked like it might be refreshing. Wrong! It was worse than the first one, so again, 3 gulps and it was gone Ugh!  The next two bottles were a repeat of the first two and left a horrible taste in my mouth which was soon washed away with the bottle of water juice supplied. 

I have not felt hungry as such but I could kill for a cup of tea!

I spoke with Dee Wolstenholme from Fruit Crafters who said all the symptoms are perfectly normal adding that I should start to feel better tomorrow, and, by Thursday and Friday, I will really feel the benefit. I’m finding that hard to believe right now but I’m sure she knows her stuff!  I have not suffered from ‘trumping’ as yet and not had to dash for the loo, although yes I have been and all perfectly normal!  Well for now anyway…….

All gone – yuk!

So in a nutshell today has been hard work with headaches, feeling lethargic and drinking some horrible juices, so here’s hoping tomorrow is an improvement.

Check in tomorrow night for a review of day 3. 




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3 Responses to Detox Plan – Day 2

  1. Sara says:

    Well done u…looking forward to tomorrow’s blog

  2. Sally-Anne says:

    Well done Steve. Looking forward to Day 3s post as its a fun read x

  3. Well done Steve..detox isnt easy..full of admiration..and hope tomorrow you feel bit better and the juices are yummy xxx