Detox Plan – Day 1


Day 1 of the 5 day detox plan – ‘The Truth’

So day 1 has passed and I’m still alive and well.

I must say I’ve had better 4 course meals though !!

Today my plan started by cutting a Lemon in half adding boiling water and drinking a glass of hot lemon water, this was followed five minutes later by a shot of ‘Ginger’ (Just pretend your on your hols)


In the photograph you can see 4 green bottles all labeled with specific times for digesting, 10am,1pm, 4pm and 7pm. There is also a larger bottle of a type of juice water this can be sipped throughout the day. I was told that I may suffer headaches and was also given a banana in case I felt the need to eat something. These were my instructions!  

I did miss my usual bowl of cornflakes and cup of tea this morning, and, I have to admit that being a Lancashire lad I did miss not having a cuppa throughout the day.

All the green bottles have different properties and I can honestly say that none of them were unpleasant to drink. Bottles 1,2, and 4 were quite refreshing but no’ 3 was not quite as nice.

All empties below for evidence of a plate licked clean so to speak!

I have not yet suffered any headaches and so far no troubles with ‘trumping’ or running to the loo – I had been warned about these symptoms!   I have not been hungry yet, but to be fair I am hiding upstairs at the moment whilst Lesley and Abby are eating my favourite ‘shepherds pie’.

That is just cruel I know!!

So in a nutshell today has been no problem, but I know it is early days and the rest of the plan is made up from different veg etc with one day not tasting so nice apparently. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the rest of the week.

Check in tomorrow night for a review of day 2.




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