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2015, a New Year and fresh start for us all!  I gave up a long time ago making New Years resolutions as I never kept to them as I’m sure most of you don’t keep yours.  Well done to the exceptions!

Although I haven’t made any New Year resolutions, I am going to start a 5 day juicing plan, on Monday Jan 5th 2015, as I have over indulged over the festive period and feel I need to do something to get back on track!

January 5th 2015 is the start of the world’s biggest juice detox where people all over the world are encouraged to take up the challenge in choosing either a 3,5 or 7 day plan to substitute their normal diet for just juice!

I know all about this campaign after being commissioned for commercial photography by ‘Fruit Crafters’, a fruit vegetable and juice bar situated in Longridge in the beautiful Ribble Valley.

‘Fruit Crafters’  wanted images for an article and these images are now featured in the magazine ‘Live Ribble Valley’ (Issue no 65, Page 80).  I had no idea what juicing and detox plans were all about but Dee Wolstenholme and Lisa Fidler who create the delicious juices for the detox plans are the experts on the subject and I found myself drawn in by their passion and knowledge on the subject. 

Dee says that, “ People juice for many reasons including weight loss, to live healthier, and to cure medical issues. It works!  When you juice, you load your body up with nutrients that cleanse your body of toxins, much of which are stored in fat. Your digestive system doesn’t have to work near as hard since it doesn’t have to digest a bunch of fibre, separate the nutrients, and then slowly deliver them to your system. When juicing, those nutrients are delivered straight to your system and get absorbed nearly instantly. This allows your digestive system to relax giving you the energy it once spent working to separate nutrients and grind down fibres. You’re probably thinking you can’t just live on juice, you’d be starving. Wrong!   You can survive purely on juice and it’s 100% healthy and great for you. There are no risks if you’re juicing correctly, and safely. You’re giving your body more than the required nutrients to live. You’re actually loading your body up with everything it needs to get back on track. When you start juicing you start to realise there is a better way to eat, live, and feel.”

It is hard to get your head round the fact that for 5 days all you will consume in the way of food is juice drinks and not feel hungry.   The passion and belief of the ‘Fruit Crafters’ team in their products, inspires me to give it a try!   I have looked up juicing on the internet and there are all sorts of articles about the benefits of juicing. I have decided to plump for the 5 day plan which is all made up by ‘Fruit Crafters’ team and given to you with an instruction sheet on how to follow the plan. The bottles of juice are made up entirely of fresh vegetables and fruits with no additives added whatsoever.  For more information regarding juice plans, visit ‘Fruit Crafters’ Facebook page at or pop into the shop on Inglewhite Road, Longridge, Preston or call, 07506 713539. 

So day 1 of my plan starts on Monday Jan 5th 2015 and I aim to post on here how my week goes!

Wish me luck.






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