Detox Plan – Day 5


Day 5 of 5 day detox plan – ‘The Truth’

Day 5 and almost there!!

So the final day is here and I wake up feeling really fresh and ready to go. 

Same routine. I’m sure you all know it by now. Go downstairs, get my ‘meals’ out for the day, have a hot water lemon drink and down the Ginger shot.

Today’s Food

There are 3 purple bottles and one green one. The first bottle at 10 am is named ‘Crimson tide’ and it wasn’t bad, tasting of berries but not very sweet.

The 1pm bottle was the green one named ‘The Meal,’ I had this yesterday and remembered it wasn’t too bad. That was yesterday! – Today’s didn’t taste quite as good as yesterday’s and had one or two lumps thrown in for good measure. I gulped it down, disappointed that it was not fruity and refreshing. Anyway I knew the 4pm juice was my favourite ‘ Banana berry crunch’ and I wasn’t disappointed. I sipped that juice like it was ‘hot tea’ making every mouthful last. Almost there I thought to myself, surely the last one will taste good to finish the programme off.

7pm arrives and I am beginning to feel peckish as thoughts are wandering to our occasional Friday treat,  of fish ’n’ chips ( and no we don’t have it every week….honest). The last bottle ‘my tea’ and thoughts start running through my head of bacon butties in the morning, naughty I know! The bottle is named ‘blue lagoon’ and it smell like blueberries. It tastes very refreshing and I’m assuming is mainly made up of blueberries. All gone and that’s me all detoxed out until tomorrow morning. Happy days!

Summary of the 5 day detox plan

My reasons for doing the 5 day detox was one of curiosity to see the results for myself and to find out if you really do feel energised and healthy at the end of it. Also to lose my christmas tum – I hardly ever weigh myself, as I know when I have put weight on, and yes over the festive period my weight had increased (slightly). 

I can confirm that yes I have lost my christmas tum and now have my 6 pack back. LOL ( I wish). I have had no problems with ‘trumping’ or visits to the loo, although I haven’t been as regular. My sleep pattern has improved and the last two mornings I have woken up feeling fresh as a daisy. Apart from Tuesday’s juices,  the juices have not been too bad with Wednesday’s being the best. I have not really suffered from hunger pains but must admit to thinking about eating a nice meal, like shepherds pie and gravy, which was most cruel of my family to eat in front of me on the first night. I have also had other temptations thrust in front of me, like the chocolates Abby likes to pass round before saying with a snigger ‘oops sorry dad, forgot you can’t have one hee hee’.


The first two days I really missed my routine of cornflakes and a cup of tea, but as the week passed by I just learned to accept that this wasn’t going to happen. Again I have missed my cups of tea during the day and evening but gradually got used to drinking water instead. I do believe that what we eat and drink on a daily basis forms a habit and when you break the habit,it feels strange, it really is all in your head. 

During the 5 day programme you become a slave to it’s rules and this made me feel restricted in that fact that I had to stick to a regime and that it was always in the back of your mind. A bit like your boss pecking your ear, telling you what you can and can’t do. You do need willpower, to stay strong, get the horrible juices down and resist temptation.

I would recommend doing a detox and I’m sure I will do it again at some stage. I would say it is worth it just for the experience, but you have to get your mind right in the first place and see it through, otherwise what’s the point. Now that my body has been cleansed so to speak, I am going to try and carry on drinking water instead of tea and also look at my diet and maybe cut down on bread and pastry. All the good stuff I know!!!

All that you have read has been completely honest, I just wanted to let people know how my detox experience unfolded so that you would have an insight on what to expect should you decide to try it. Good luck if you do.

Many thanks for reading the blog and look out for more blogs in the future.




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Detox Plan – Day 4


Day 4 of 5 day detox plan – ‘The Truth’

Day 4 and it feels like Groundhog Day !!

Nothing too exciting to report I’m afraid. I went to bed last night feeling good and had a good nights sleep. Woke up this morning feeling fresh, went downstairs and prepared my ‘meals’ for the day. A mixture of green and purple bottles await me, fingers crossed they are as good as yesterday.

As usual I make my hot lemon water drink and follow this with my ginger shot.

I don’t really think about cornflakes and tea, probably because my brain knows there’s no point. 

Today’s food.

10am arrives and although I’m not hungry I am ready for something. Please be a good one. A green bottle, labelled ‘sweet and smooth’. Sounds promising I thought to myself. I took the first sip, yuk – I was wrong!  It was far from sweet and not that smooth either. It wasn’t as bad as Tuesday’s juices and I gulped it down, quickly followed by my water juice. Oh well better luck next time. 

1pm soon arrived and yet another green bottle labelled ‘the meal’. I looked at it and ‘laughed out loud’, it was hardly fish and chips!  I took a mouthful and was pleasantly surprised, it wasn’t too bad, not good, but better than the first one. 

4pm came and now I had a purple bottle before me named ‘beyond the detox’ (if only I thought to myself), I had given up hope of a good juice today and after my first gulp I was right! It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t good either, a case of gulp it down and move on.

7pm and I am now feeling slightly hungry, with lots of christmas chocolates still scattered all over the house screaming at me to eat them, I resist and take the top off the purple bottle marked ‘Super Detox’. I smell it first and it smells quite nice. The first sip confirms the sweet aroma as the taste of berries hits my mouth. I drink it slowly, making it last and I’m happy to be ending the day with a refreshing juice.

All gone

So to summarise day 4. The juices were average at best, apart from the last one, but I feel really good and positive. I am not particularly hungry but the thought of eating something delicious keeps popping into my head. My craving for a cup of tea is not as strong now, but you do feel like a slave to the programme. (Obviously you are)

I have had no real troubles with wind, just the odd breeze and yes I have had a second visit to the loo and again all perfectly normal, apart from the colour, but I’m sure you don’t want the details.

Last day tomorrow and I’m hoping the juices will taste like Wednesday’s to finish off on a high. Check in tomorrow night for the last review and my summary of the whole experience.




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Detox Plan – Day 3


Day 3 of 5 day detox plan – ‘The Truth’

Day 3 and boy what a difference a day makes!

After a rough time on day 2 and going to bed early, I awoke for day 3 feeling much better. My headache had gone and I felt ready for the day ahead. 

Once again I got my juices out for the day and hoped and prayed that they would taste better than yesterday. Please god! 

I made my hot lemon drink and then had my ginger shot, I was still missing my cornflakes and cup of tea but not quite as much, as I knew I wouldn’t be having them.

Perhaps it really is all in the mind?  By 10am I was getting ready to eat something (chance would be a fine thing). I took my first bottle out of the box and it was purple. I dared to hope it wouldn’t taste like yesterdays purple bottle and noticed it was labelled ‘Berry banana crunch’ so there was a chance it would be good. I took the lid off the bottle raised it to my mouth and took a sip –  Hallelujah!

I cannot tell you enough just how good that first taste in my mouth was, it was absolutely delicious. I did not empty this bottle in 3 gulps, oh no!  I savoured every last drop taking little sips and squeezing every ounce of flavour down my throat. It was heaven!  Especially after yesterdays horrible tasting juice.  I even put a small amount of cold water into the empty bottle and shook it up, so I could get the very last bit of juice out!  Now I was buzzing and looking forward to my ‘dinner’ at 1pm.

My headaches had gone and I felt good!

1pm arrived and I took bottle number 2 out, this time it was green with the label reading, ‘Green Refresher’. I opened the bottle fearing the worst as yesterdays green bottles were horrible, I sniffed the bottle hoping it would not smell like yesterdays.  It didn’t – thank god, I took a sip, and thanked the lord!  It was as described on the bottle, refreshing. I now relaxed, as I knew the 4pm bottle was another ‘Green Refresher’ and my tea, so to speak, at 7pm, was another ‘Berry Banana crunch’ –  Something to look forward to!

When 7pm arrived I must admit I was beginning to feel peckish and was really glad it was going to be tasty. I opened the lid, sipped and savoured every last drop, a bit like a child finishing of their smarties one by one. 

I have missed not having a cup of tea but you do start to wonder is that just habit? My mind is also wandering and thinking about food now and again. Although it doesn’t help when you open the fridge door and there is ham and sausage rolls staring at you!

So to sum up today I have to say it has been a good day and that first juice was out of this world. I have felt pretty good today with no headaches. I have not been to the loo again yet and there is only a mild breeze down below if you know what I mean. I hope tomorrow will be as good as today.

Anyway until tomorrow night – sleep tight.





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Detox Plan – Day 2


Day 2 of 5 day detox plan – ‘The Truth’

Day 2 and a massive reality check!

About half an hour after posting last nights blog saying what a good day I’d had with no side effects, I started to get a headache as predicted by the ‘Fruit Crafters’ team. This became gradually worse until I retired to bed for some rest and relief. After a decent nights sleep I awoke but unfortunately still had my headache. I went downstairs to view my days detox plan and at first glance it showed some promise with two of the bottles being purple, a more fruity flavour I hoped to myself.



Once again the day started with a hot lemon boiled in water and a ginger shot. I packed the other 4 bottles in a box and would follow their times for digestion later. My head was still banging and I felt tired and weary.

By 10am I felt no better and hoped the first bottle of the day ‘veggie power’ would perk me up. It was a thick green colour and looked disgusting!

I wasn’t wrong, it tasted horrible, so I just downed it in three gulps. Ugh!

By 1pm I did feel slightly better to be fair and was actually looking forward to the purple bottle of juice labeled ‘Ruby Tuesday’ as it looked like it might be refreshing. Wrong! It was worse than the first one, so again, 3 gulps and it was gone Ugh!  The next two bottles were a repeat of the first two and left a horrible taste in my mouth which was soon washed away with the bottle of water juice supplied. 

I have not felt hungry as such but I could kill for a cup of tea!

I spoke with Dee Wolstenholme from Fruit Crafters who said all the symptoms are perfectly normal adding that I should start to feel better tomorrow, and, by Thursday and Friday, I will really feel the benefit. I’m finding that hard to believe right now but I’m sure she knows her stuff!  I have not suffered from ‘trumping’ as yet and not had to dash for the loo, although yes I have been and all perfectly normal!  Well for now anyway…….

All gone – yuk!

So in a nutshell today has been hard work with headaches, feeling lethargic and drinking some horrible juices, so here’s hoping tomorrow is an improvement.

Check in tomorrow night for a review of day 3. 




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Detox Plan – Day 1


Day 1 of the 5 day detox plan – ‘The Truth’

So day 1 has passed and I’m still alive and well.

I must say I’ve had better 4 course meals though !!

Today my plan started by cutting a Lemon in half adding boiling water and drinking a glass of hot lemon water, this was followed five minutes later by a shot of ‘Ginger’ (Just pretend your on your hols)


In the photograph you can see 4 green bottles all labeled with specific times for digesting, 10am,1pm, 4pm and 7pm. There is also a larger bottle of a type of juice water this can be sipped throughout the day. I was told that I may suffer headaches and was also given a banana in case I felt the need to eat something. These were my instructions!  

I did miss my usual bowl of cornflakes and cup of tea this morning, and, I have to admit that being a Lancashire lad I did miss not having a cuppa throughout the day.

All the green bottles have different properties and I can honestly say that none of them were unpleasant to drink. Bottles 1,2, and 4 were quite refreshing but no’ 3 was not quite as nice.

All empties below for evidence of a plate licked clean so to speak!

I have not yet suffered any headaches and so far no troubles with ‘trumping’ or running to the loo – I had been warned about these symptoms!   I have not been hungry yet, but to be fair I am hiding upstairs at the moment whilst Lesley and Abby are eating my favourite ‘shepherds pie’.

That is just cruel I know!!

So in a nutshell today has been no problem, but I know it is early days and the rest of the plan is made up from different veg etc with one day not tasting so nice apparently. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the rest of the week.

Check in tomorrow night for a review of day 2.




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New Year – New You


Hello and welcome to StevenSpallPhotography’s blog page.

2015, a New Year and fresh start for us all!  I gave up a long time ago making New Years resolutions as I never kept to them as I’m sure most of you don’t keep yours.  Well done to the exceptions!

Although I haven’t made any New Year resolutions, I am going to start a 5 day juicing plan, on Monday Jan 5th 2015, as I have over indulged over the festive period and feel I need to do something to get back on track!

January 5th 2015 is the start of the world’s biggest juice detox where people all over the world are encouraged to take up the challenge in choosing either a 3,5 or 7 day plan to substitute their normal diet for just juice!

I know all about this campaign after being commissioned for commercial photography by ‘Fruit Crafters’, a fruit vegetable and juice bar situated in Longridge in the beautiful Ribble Valley.

‘Fruit Crafters’  wanted images for an article and these images are now featured in the magazine ‘Live Ribble Valley’ (Issue no 65, Page 80).  I had no idea what juicing and detox plans were all about but Dee Wolstenholme and Lisa Fidler who create the delicious juices for the detox plans are the experts on the subject and I found myself drawn in by their passion and knowledge on the subject. 

Dee says that, “ People juice for many reasons including weight loss, to live healthier, and to cure medical issues. It works!  When you juice, you load your body up with nutrients that cleanse your body of toxins, much of which are stored in fat. Your digestive system doesn’t have to work near as hard since it doesn’t have to digest a bunch of fibre, separate the nutrients, and then slowly deliver them to your system. When juicing, those nutrients are delivered straight to your system and get absorbed nearly instantly. This allows your digestive system to relax giving you the energy it once spent working to separate nutrients and grind down fibres. You’re probably thinking you can’t just live on juice, you’d be starving. Wrong!   You can survive purely on juice and it’s 100% healthy and great for you. There are no risks if you’re juicing correctly, and safely. You’re giving your body more than the required nutrients to live. You’re actually loading your body up with everything it needs to get back on track. When you start juicing you start to realise there is a better way to eat, live, and feel.”

It is hard to get your head round the fact that for 5 days all you will consume in the way of food is juice drinks and not feel hungry.   The passion and belief of the ‘Fruit Crafters’ team in their products, inspires me to give it a try!   I have looked up juicing on the internet and there are all sorts of articles about the benefits of juicing. I have decided to plump for the 5 day plan which is all made up by ‘Fruit Crafters’ team and given to you with an instruction sheet on how to follow the plan. The bottles of juice are made up entirely of fresh vegetables and fruits with no additives added whatsoever.  For more information regarding juice plans, visit ‘Fruit Crafters’ Facebook page at or pop into the shop on Inglewhite Road, Longridge, Preston or call, 07506 713539. 

So day 1 of my plan starts on Monday Jan 5th 2015 and I aim to post on here how my week goes!

Wish me luck.






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